The government of the State of Louisiana has been high-jacked by corporate carpetbaggers and lobbyists who have come to dominate and side-track the best interest of the people to support their own self-serving ideals.

In the recent past, the oil and gas industry had created an economic base for many workers and their families throughout the Gulf Coast. Yet, it has come at high social and environmental costs for local communities. And with the downturn in oil prices, once again we find our families being negatively affected, while big oil executives continue to reap big time bonuses.

In the meantime, Louisiana is experiencing land loss at a rate of a football field of land every hour, with over 2,300 square miles of land and marsh already disappeared from our precious coastline.  The once healthy barrier islands and marshes across the Gulf Coast, which we count on to protect us from life-threatening hurricanes,  at a critical stage. In fact, the Isle de Jean Charles band of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw of Louisiana are the first documented climate refugees in North America.

Additionally, the failed policies of Bobby Jindal have shipwrecked out state far from the shores of accountability, transparency, and justice.  Socially vulnerable populations – like low-wealth residents, fisher folk and communities of color – continue to bear the brunt of energy production and climate disaster. Unfortunately, they have also lacked the political voice to move their elected officials to adequately invest in protecting their neighborhoods. This has created an entire region deeply entrenched in environmental and social  injustice.

We want diversified economic development for our state.
We want a real plan to confront climate change.
We want a just transition to renewable energy sources and jobs.
We want all of our voices represented in Congress, in state elected officials and in our local politics.
We want bold leadership.
We want political balance.
We want justice for all.
We want a Bold Louisiana.