Historically the State of Louisiana has been one of economic disparity, yet culturally and naturally one of the richest places in the United States. It is time that our state and federal policies align and reflect the integral role our communities play to the Nation.

Continued investment in destructive industries, such as the fossil fuels, holds our state and region back by continuing to develop resources that do not have a long term or sustainable future. We can create jobs now by investing in repairing aging infrastructure as well as building around a robust renewable energy economy while we move towards a just transition for us all. We can continue to power the nation, but as visionary leaders ahead of the curve when it comes to renewable energy jobs and industry.

For a just and fair economy, we would like to see:

  • The implementation on the state level of policies and practices that focus on the rights of nature, and the human right to clean air and water.
  • An end to the exploitative privatization of natural resources — including land and water. We seek democratic control over how resources are preserved, used and distributed and do so while honoring and respecting the rights of Indigenous peoples.
  • An end to private, for profit prisons within the state, a self-determined holistic plan implemented on all levels of government that both addresses over-policing and militarization, as well as reflects a turn toward long-term safety strategies which would include education, local restorative justice services, and employment programs.
  • In response to the failed policies of the “war on drugs,” we look for retroactive decriminalization, the immediate release and record expungement of all drug related offenses, the decriminalization of prostitution, and reinvestment of prisoner expenses into restorative and mental health services, job programs and other programs supporting those impacted by the sex and drug trade.
  • Real, meaningful, and equitable universal health care that guarantees: proximity to nearby comprehensive health centers, culturally competent services for all people, including gender nonconforming and LGBTQ community members, full reproductive services, mental health services, paid parental leave, and comprehensive quality child and elder care.
  • A fully and equitably funded education system which includes a curriculum that acknowledges and addresses students’ material and cultural needs, protects the safety of all children, allows for social and physical activity and play, serves high quality foods, allows for free daycare, and freedom from unwarranted search, seizure or arrest.
  • Investment in community- based sustainable energy solutions, and divestment from industrial multinational use of fossil fuels.
  • A reallocation of a considerable amount of current funding regarding military expenditures and re-investment of those resources into domestic infrastructure and community well-being.
  • Protections for all workers, including those working in oil and gas related industries, domestic workers, farm workers, and tipped workers, and an extension of worker protections to incarcerated people.