Want to help stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline? Host a “Pie-lines, Not Pipelines” Bake Sale to help educate your friends, family and community, while taking action and raising money to continue the fight!

Sign-up on the form below if you plan to host a bake sale. 

Finding A Location

There are many events being held across Louisiana this Spring that would be perfect sites to host your “Pie-lines Not Pipelines” baked goods stand. Here a few ideas:

  • Festivals
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Arts and Crafts Fairs
  • You could also simply set up in a well-traveled public space; near a local shopping center or grocery store, on a street corner in a busy part of town, or outside the local library.
  • Invite your friends, family and/or community to your home or a public space for a “Pipelines Not Pipelines” event.

Make sure to check your local paper for announcements of good events to attend with your Pie-lines Not Pipelines stand — any place where there will be, or you can create, a good gathering of people would be great!

Note: Be sure to check with your local authorities or event organizers, if you decide to hold an event in a public space. As the event coordinator, you are responsible for getting permission if required and paying any fees to use the location you choose. If in doubt, ask! If you are having difficulty finding information, send us an email at cherri@boldlouisiana.org, and we will try to help you out.

Promote Your Event

Create a Facebook event and then invite your friends. Make sure to invite us to your event, so we can share it on the Bold Louisiana page on Facebook, too!

Recruiting Helpers

Invite your friends and family to help you and attend. Ask them to bring pie, or other baked good, or help out at the table. Make sure to keep a list of your volunteers and their contact information so you can follow up with them. We strongly urge you to email or call your helpers to coordinate the event and ensure it runs smoothly.

Supplies Checklist

This supplies checklist can help you prepare for your Pie-lines Not Pipelines stand and help make sure you don’t forget anything important:

  • table
  • chairs to sit on
  • small paper plates / napkins
  • knife / spatula to cut and serve
  • plastic wrap or sandwich bags to keep food covered and to wrap individual portions
  • cash to make change – especially $1 bills
  • tape to hang your signs
  • a digital camera or your phone, to take picture and submit them afterwards (We’ll feature the photos on our Facebook page!)
  • Materials: make sure to print flyers, media materials, and other critical materials
  • Poster boards and markers to make signs for your table and directional signs directing folks to your bake sale
  • Donation basket in case people want to also make a donation or instead of purchasing baked goods
  • Literature on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline and Bold Louisiana, found here.
  • Easily submitted postcards, or letters, to Governor John Bel Edwards, asking for his help in saying #NoBayouBridge Pipeline! You can get a template to print cards here, or make your own.

Sitting at the Stand

“Pie-lines Not Pipelines” stands will dot the Louisiana Landscape, and we want to show your hard work off. So make sure to take photos throughout the day and send them to cherri@boldlouisiana.org.

Here are three things you can do to dramatically increase the success of your Pies Against Pipelines stand:

  1. See Yummy Recipes below, & feel free to print and share recipes at your booth.
  2. Big Signs: Make sure the signs on your table clearly communicate, at a distance, the purpose of the stand.
  3. Pricing and Extra Donations: You can eliminate change by pricing things in round dollar amounts, or having paper plates of 1-2 items (e.g. a plate of 2 cookies for $1, or a piece of cake for $2). Ask folks if they want to make an “extra donation” when they buy a treat – that’s what the donation bucket is for!
  4. Be Vocal. Ask folks who are walking buy to buy stuff. Just say something simple like “Would you like to buy a brownie to help stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline?”
  5. Provide an easy way for folks to plug in and take action – postcards/letters that they can sign right then and you can mail.

Sending In Money and Pictures

After the sale is done, your main responsibility is to send in your pictures and the money you raised.

  • Post your pictures on Facebook and tag us, “Bold Louisiana.” You can also send them via email to cherri@boldlouisiana.org.
  • You can also write a check or get a money order for the value of all cash or change from your bake sale. Mail your donation to:
    Bold Louisiana
    PO Box 112
    Rayne, LA 70578

Check out some of our inspirational recipes below!