I wanted to send along an update of what I’ve been up to since I became state director of Bold Louisiana.

During August’s historic flooding in Louisiana, our rural communities came together to help each other — including me and my family — clean up and start to restore our flood-ravaged homes.

Bold Louisiana started a petition calling on Pres. Obama and FEMA to extend flood disaster relief to rural parishes not getting enough federal aid, and launched our own fundraiser so we could take action to help families still struggling to clean up and rebuild, even as federal assistance now is starting to dry up.

I marched with hundreds of you through the streets of New Orleans during the “Another Gulf is Possible” week of resistance, solidarity and love — where grassroots organizations, national allies and activists came together in an historic display of unity for social, racial, economic and climate justice amidst the catastrophic flooding in our state.

Back in March, we occupied the Superdome, and shut down a government sale of leases to drill offshore for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico. Because of our direct action, Big Oil lobbied Congress to approve “online-only” lease sales to silence our public voices of opposition to offshore drilling — and as a result, we were refused access inside the Superdome during the government’s Aug. 24 lease sale of our public waters.

Last month, I was arrested in an act of nonviolent civil disobedience when I joined members of Native communities from the Arctic and Atlantic in a sit-in at the Dept. of Interior offices in Washington, to demand a halt to all new lease sales on our public lands and in our public waters.

This week, I’m in Alaska meeting with First Nation Elders and Youth to discuss the #ArctictoGulf solidarity campaign to end federal leasing of our public lands and waters to drill for fossil fuels.

I look forward to continue working with you and Bold Louisiana on our goals to halt new lease sales to drill for oil & gas in the Gulf; end fracking in the state of Louisiana and the Gulf; directly challenge destructive pipelines like Bayou Bridge that threaten our precious wetlands; and combating the harmful effects of climate change while building for a just transition from fossil fuels to clean energy for our communities.

*I also have some amazing news to share!*

Bold Alliance has been selected as one of three nonprofits to receive a grant from our friends at CREDO Mobile this month.

CREDO Donations is giving away more than $150,000, but the amount that Bold receives depends on YOU. They divide up the money depending on the number of votes that Bold receives from our supporters like you.

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The money raised from CREDO will help fund Bold Alliance’s current organizing to stop the Dakota Access “Bakken” pipeline that is abusing eminent domain for private gain, and threatens our land, water and climate.

Bold Oklahoma coordinator Mekasi Camp Horinek — also a Ponca Nation member — has been embedded at the Standing Rock camps in North Dakota since July, and is a leader at the camps helping to organize nonviolent direct actions to stop construction on the pipeline.

Bold Iowa created the Bakken Pipeline Pledge of Resistance, and has helped organize nonviolence trainings and direct actions that have so far resulted in more than 100 Pipeline Fighters and Water Protecters being arrested while stopping construction on the Dakota Access pipeline. Bold Iowa continues to stand with farmers opposing eminent domain for private gain.

Bold Nebraska is spearheading a fundraising campaign to support the Pipeline Fighters and Water Protecters in North Dakota and Iowa, has sponsored a number of supply runs to donate food, firewood and other items needed at the Standing Rock camps.

Bold Louisiana is organizing fisherfolk and frontline communities to end offshore drilling, and preparing to open a new front in the Dakota Access pipeline fight at the export refineries where the oil from this pipeline would be headed.

With just a couple clicks, you can help Bold secure a huge funding infusion — without even opening your wallet!

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Thanks for standing with us and voting for Bold!

Cherri Foytlin and the Bold Louisiana team